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Effective Classroom Management: What’s the Point?

After working with tens of thousands of teachers in the area of classroom management, it has become apparent that people have limited and faulty mindsets about classroom management. As I have written about in previous blog posts, our beliefs influence our teaching practices. Therefore, it is imperative to reflect on our beliefs about the overall goal of effective classroom management and how they impact the classroom management strategies that we employ. Here are a few quick thoughts on the topic. After watching the video clip, take a minute and share your thoughts about the overall goal of classroom management in your classroom.

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Meet Dr. Tracey Garrett

Dr. Tracey Garrett

Dr. Tracey Garrett is a professor in the Department of Teacher Education at Rider University in New Jersey and was recently awarded the University Distinguished Teaching Award. She earned her Ed.D. in elementary and early childhood education with a specialization in classroom management from The Graduate School of Education at Rutgers University. She is also a former elementary teacher with experience teaching at the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade level. Tracey’s unique combination of classroom management knowledge and 24 years of practical experience allows her to successfully facilitate teacher growth.

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