Classroom Management Essentials is a self-guided, interactive, professional development app, which helps teachers learn how to effectively manage a classroom.

  • Presented by a specialist in classroom management
  • Applicable across all grade levels and content areas
  • Benefits both veteran and novice teachers

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What is Classroom Management Essentials?

Designed by Dr. Tracey Garrett, an expert in the field of classroom management, Classroom Management Essentials capitalizes on lectures, video clips, interactive features and much more to guide teachers through the steps necessary to become an effective classroom manager. Watch the video below to hear what Dr. Tracey Garrett has to say about Classroom Management Essentials.

You Will Learn

The field of classroom management is based on decades of proven academic research. Unfortunately, this knowledge is not taught in most teacher education programs. Classroom Management Essentials will teach you how to become an effective classroom manager. Specifically, you will learn:

  • Common misconceptions about classroom management
  • A practical model for understanding classroom management
  • How the physical environment impacts classroom management
  • How to develop effective rules and routines
  • The role relationships play in one's classroom management plan
  • Techniques for preventing misbehavior
  • Strategies for dealing with minor and serious misbehavior

Peek Inside Classroom Management Essentials

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The app begins with an introductory video called Why Teachers Struggle. This video explains common misconceptions about classroom management and introduces a new practical model for thinking about classroom management. Watch this video for free before purchasing the app!

Next, purchase the app and seamlessly navigate through the different sections, which each focus on an essential aspect of classroom management (physical environment, rules and routines, relationships, engaging instruction and discipline). Each section is organized into three steps including Learn from the Expert, Interactive Features and Teacher Talk.

Step 1: Learn from an Expert

Sit back and get comfortable as you listen to concise, but information packed voice over slide presentations about the five different aspects of classroom management presented by Dr. Tracey Garrett, an expert in classroom management.

Classsroom Management Essentials App - Learn from an Expert screenshot

Step 2: Interactive Features

Relax, interact and learn at your own pace. The Interactive Features steps offer tons of easy to implement, practical strategies for your own classroom. Strategies are presented in variety of list formats to allow you to navigate independently at your own pace and for easy reference in the future when building your own classroom management plan!

Classsroom Management Essentials App - Interactive Features screenshot

Step 3: Teacher Talk

Watch video interviews of four teachers as they share their thoughts on classroom management. Hear about the many different strategies that Brian (high school), Emily (middle school), Carmen (elementary school) and Janet (elementary school) utilize in their classrooms.

Classsroom Management Essentials App - Teacher Talk screenshot
Effective Classroom Management – The Essentials book cover

Get the Book!

Do you want to learn even more? Prefer a book version? Effective Classroom Management – The Essentials is Tracey's brand new book and it offers even more information to help teachers become effective managers.

Meet the Presenter

Dr. Tracey Garrett is a professor in the Department of Teacher Education at Rider University in New Jersey and was awarded Dr. Tracey Garrett the University Distinguished Teaching Award in 2012. She earned her Ed.D. in elementary and early childhood education with a specialization in classroom management from The Graduate School of Education at Rutgers University. She is also a former elementary teacher with experience teaching at the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade level. Tracey’s unique combination of classroom management knowledge and practical experience allows her to successfully facilitate teacher growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why an app or online course on classroom management?

Given that classroom management continues to be cited as a top concern for teachers combined with the consistently increasing demands placed on teachers’ time, an app or online course on the essentials of classroom management is an effective, interactive, engaging and efficient method for streamlining the learning process.

Who is the target audience for Classroom Management Essentials?

Classroom Management Essentials is appropriate for any educator wishing to explore the process of classroom management and who would like a framework for developing a classroom management plan for his or her own classroom. This includes teacher education students, novice teachers, veteran teachers, supervisors and principals. Anyone who uses Classroom Management Essentials will learn more about the process of classroom management and strategies to implement in his or her own classroom. In addition, people who serve in mentor or supervisory roles will have a framework and the language needed to effectively deconstruct the process of classroom management and ultimately be more effective when identifying areas for growth with their mentees.

Which edition is best for me?

Classroom Management Essentials is available in two editions, the iOS app and the online course. Both editions include the same engaging, interactive content and professional quality audio and video. Choose the edition that best matches your device and learning style.

The iOS app is ideal for anyone who would like to experience Classroom Management Essentials on an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch device. The iOS app has an intuitive touch interface and is expertly designed and crafted specifically for iOS devices.

The online course is ideal for anyone who would like to experience Classroom Management Essentials from a standard web browser interface. All modern web browsers are supported so you can watch, listen, learn and interact from any smartphone, tablet, netbook, laptop or desktop with an Internet connection. The online course is offered by Udemy, the leader in eLearning and registration is FREE.

Will Classroom Management Essentials solve all of my discipline problems?

Two of the main purposes of Classroom Management Essentials are to help teachers understand that classroom management is more than just discipline and to prevent management problems from occurring. However, Classroom Management Essentials will not solve every classroom management or discipline issue that ever existed or will exist in a classroom. That goal is unrealistic. It is important to note that a lot of classroom management issues are within the teacher’s ability to manage with the proper training. Unfortunately, some school systems have created situations where the issues that arise in the classroom are beyond the scope of what a teacher can deal with effectively.

How were the teachers selected?

The teachers were either personally selected by the presenter based on her own observations of their outstanding teaching and management ability or they were highly recommended by a respected colleague of the presenter.

How long will it take to complete Classroom Management Essentials?

There are approximately two hours of video presentations, which include a “Learn from the Expert” section and a “Teacher Talk” section. In addition, there are many self-guided, interactive portions where the user will navigate and read at his or her own pace.

What if I want to learn more?

Please use the Contact Us form above to let us know what you are looking for in future versions of Classroom Management Essentials. Also, the books listed in the reference section are excellent resources for further reading.

Feedback from Educators

  • I like the model of classroom management. Each year I have to attend to all of the tasks, but some years one is more important than another.

    John Randolph, high school teacher

  • I love how the framework for thinking about classroom management is presented. It challenged me to think about behavior differently in my classroom.

    Kelly Kahney, 2nd grade teacher

  • Wow, this app is everything you need to know about classroom management and nothing you don't need to know!

    Dr. Sharon McKool, Education Professor

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