Dr. Tracey Garrett has conducted over 200 presentations including half and full day workshops, interactive guest talks, and keynote speeches. She has presented at regional and international educational conferences. Her practical, interactive, and enthusiastic style enables her to connect with educators at all grade levels in a variety of contexts.

Sample Topics Include:

  • Effective Classroom Management: The Essentials
  • Effective Classroom Management: Dispelling Myths and Changing Practice for K–12
  • Classroom Management: Dispelling Myths and Mentoring Beginning Teachers
  • Effective Classroom Management: Confronting Issues Facing Beginning Teachers
  • Effective Classroom Management: Spend More Time Teaching
  • Classroom Management: A World of Misconceptions
  • Classroom Management: Why Beginning Teachers Struggle
  • Relationships: The Missing Piece of Classroom Management
  • The Discipline Dilemma: Helping Beginning Teachers Cope With Behavior Challenges
  • Effective Classroom Management: Caring Counts

All Presentations Include:

  • Training from an expert
  • Top quality presentation
  • Practical techniques
  • Resource packet
  • Open forum for discussion
  • Question and answer period

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